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Summary of Finance – Texas Education Agency

Report providing information on state funding received and how that funding is calculated.

Financial Audits – Texas Education Agency

Annual financial audits

Charter FIRST – Texas Education Agency

Financial accountability rating system for Texas public schools

AskTED – Texas Education Agency

Primary source used by agencies and TEA to direct communications to the school’s administration and board.

Charter School Portfolio – Texas Education Agency

Links to applications submitted for proposed open-enrollment charters, as well as applications, renewals, amendments, and geographic boundary reports for awarded charters.

Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) – Texas Education Agency

Campus level data on student performance for each school district in the state of Texas.

School Snapshot District Profiles – Texas Education Agency

State-level overview of public education in Texas for a particular year. School district profile.

Payment Report – Texas Education Agency

TEA payments to schools’ districts, charter schools and other entities.

Federal Report Cards – Texas Education Agency

Annual report card with state-, district- and campus-level data.

Financial Compliance – Texas Education Agency

Procedures for charter schools to prepare and submit an AFR.

Texas School Report Card – Texas Education Agency

Key academic and finance measures.

Charter School Finance – Texas Education Agency

Estimate of State Aid template for Charter Schools.

School Funding

State funding reports and data.

Texas Legislature

Access to filling legislature bills and final approval of bills.

Taxable Entity Search – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Search all taxable/non-profit entities registered in Texas.

Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) – Updated 09/01/2016

Comprehensive list of information on requirement for a school district website to comply with state and federal law.

Texas Association of School Board (TASB) – Updated January 2020

Website posting requirements corresponding to present statues.