Mayra Molina

Mayra Molina

Senior Accountant

Mayra joins DDS solutions as the model product of Texas charter schools. She began as a charter school student at Texas Can Academy receiving the highest GPA Award and then went on to work for local charter schools for the next 19 years.

She served in various roles within the realm of school business understanding different departments and needs of charter schools and non-profit organizations. She soon realized her passion was finance and since 2014, she has primarily served in positions having to do with accounting, finance, school budget, PEIMS, Human Resources, and business office giving her a deep knowledge and understanding of the inner workings and needs of charter schools. Most recently she served as a Senior Business Manager for a Fort Worth charter school.

Mayra graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Recently, she also obtained TASBO certification.  Mayra and her husband, Ervey, live in Fort Worth with their three beautiful children, David, Elizabeth, and Miguel. When Mayra is not working she is either in the bleachers of a soccer field cheering on her children or at home with her husband entertaining family and friends.  In the quiet moments of her day, she is found consumed by a book that she is reading as a part of her local Reading Club.

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